Wanda Wilkerson

I have been a Registered Nurse for 26 years and primarily interested in health and wellness most of my life. I have been a group fitness Instructor for 22 years and received a degree in fitness and nutrition in 2000. I am certified to instruct group fitness classes through the American Council on Exercise America’s Authority on fitness. I am passionate about the benefits of keeping physically fit and put a lot into making my classes safe, fun, and interesting. This includes attending seminars and keeping up with the newest information available. I believe we should be encouraged to invest in our health rather than paying for illness and disease later in life. Behavioral change toward healthier eating and regular exercise will go a long way toward curbing the nation’s healthcare spending and toward creating a healthier and more physically active society. When life winds you up and turns you side ways, exercise is the key to feeling better. My motto is to have fun getting fit. Your partner in health and wellness, Wanda Wilkerson BSN, RN, CEN, and ACE Group Fitness Instructor.


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